SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is for anyone who wants to explore this fun, intuitive, imaginative process (developed by the late Seena Frost) and learn how to share it with others.  This training will teach you how to facilitate SoulCollage® for self-discovery in groups and with individuals.

You don't need any degrees or qualifications to take the Training, just a desire to share a process that will help people uncover their own inner wisdom.

By participating in this Training you will learn how to prepare for a workshop, create safe space for participants, do SoulCollage® readings, as well as how to promote your workshops. You will find out how to access the rich archive of information available to Facilitators and how to use the SoulCollage® website to publicize your workshops. You will become part of a network of like-minded people, a world-wide community of Facilitators.

Note: SoulCollage® was originally designed and evolved as an adult activity. Unless you are a licensed clinician or teacher working with children in schools or are under the direct supervision of teachers working within schools, SoulCollage® Facilitators are advised not to work with collage and emotional expression with children who are not their own.


Prior to attending the Training, you are required to:

1.  Read the book SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost.

2.  Listen to Seena Frost's CDs Introduction to SoulCollage® and Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups.

3.  Have a working knowledge of the SoulCollage® process by making several cards in each of the suits (one card in the Companions suit is sufficient).

4. Attend a workshop with a SoulCollage® Facilitator or take a recorded Fundamentals of SoulCollage® video course which will prepare you for the Training.

There are two courses to choose from online:

Fundamentals of SoulCollage® with Mariabruna Sirabella

Fundamentals of SoulCollage® with Kat Kirby

These preparations are essential so that you have experienced your own card-making process before embarking on the training to teach and facilitate others. Please schedule your time to complete these prerequisites ahead of the training.

Important note: Attendance at all sessions of the four-day SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is required in order to call yourself a SoulCollage® Facilitator and your groups SoulCollage® Groups. If you are sharing SoulCollage® in groups before being Trained, please read Principles of SoulCollage® and the SoulCollage® FAQ.

No degree or certification is required to take this training.

If you want to use SoulCollage® in your work, you must prepare for, be on time for, and complete all sessions of the Facilitator Training. This Training has been condensed as much as possible to make it affordable, so every minute in sessions is essential. Those who are late or do not complete a session will not become SoulCollage® Facilitators. They will not receive CEUs or a completion certificate.


After participating and completing all sessions of the Training, participants receive a certificate of completion conferring the right to use the name "SoulCollage®" in the title of their groups or workshops and to call themselves "SoulCollage® Facilitators." There is no SoulCollage® "Certification." What we do offer is continuing connection with the SoulCollage® Facilitator Community worldwide which provides networking and education after the Training through online courses, conferences, retreats, web resources, online and regional groups, and in some cases, individual support through correspondence. You’ll find it a very supportive community.


The Galilee Centre is 45 minutes west of Ottawa, along the Ottawa River on a wooded property.

Distance from Ottawa airport: 76 km, or 1 hour drive for more detailed directions


Participants make and share cards, and use their own processes as teaching examples for the group in learning how to facilitate SoulCollage® work, because the focus in the Training is training rather than card-making per se as in a workshop. We learn how to do "readings" which use our own intuition to deepen self-knowledge. We learn creative applications and how to adapt the process to different populations. We work towards constructing a plan that fits participants' intended use of the technique. We explore the possible ethical challenges that may arise while working with individuals and groups using the powerful spiritual and personal images on SoulCollage® cards. We also spend time looking at how to use social media to promote your workshops, and connect with your fellow SoulCollage(R) Facilitators.

The cost of the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is $895 CDN and includes:

  • All training sessions (24 hours of training in total)
  • The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training manual
  • SoulCollage® card-making kit
  • A one year membership to the SoulCollage® Facilitator Circle (which entitles you to 40% off all SoulCollage® books, CDs and supplies)
  • Subscription to the SoulCollage® Facilitator newsletter: the Neter Letter
  • An invitation to join a local SoulCollage(R) Facilitator Group (if there is one).
  • Follow up support with Jennifer


Tuition Fee: $895 CDN

Training Dates:

The Training begins at 7 pm, Wednesday October 7, with registration and introductions and ends Sunday, Oct. 11 at noon. You are welcome to join us for supper on Wednesday, and stay for lunch on Sunday.


October 7-11, 2020 GALILEE CENTRE, Arnprior Ontario

(4 nights, all meals Wed supper to Sun lunch)

  • $355 DOUBLE ROOM (per person)

Includes 4 nights lodging, and all meals from Wednesday supper to Sunday lunch (single rooms or double rooms)

PLEASE ADVISE OF ANY DIETARY OR SPECIAL NEEDS. (i.e. food intolerances, visually impaired, hearing loss, physical challenges) you would like to signal.


  • In order to receive a completion certificate, all required sessions must be attended, so please make your travel or commuting plans to permit your attendance at all these sessions.
  • Be sure to bring all your SoulCollage® cards if you can. (OR bring a subset of the ones that want to come with you.) Images will be provided, as well as 5 x 8 inch blank cards. If your cards are another size, bring some blanks. Glue and scissors will be provided, but you can bring your own. If you prefer using an Exacto or precision knife, bring it along with your own healing mat to work on. (NOTE: Don’t pack scissors or knives in your carry-on luggage!).
  • Your journal or blank notebook.
  • Comfortable clothing. Rain gear and an umbrella. Indoor shoes. A refillable water bottle, and ear plugs.
  • Please do not wear perfume, essential oils or other scents as a courtesy to people who have environmental sensitivities.

Other Helpful Information

  • This intimate and unique training experience is limited to 12 participants, so sign up soon! Your space is reserved as soon as you pay your deposit.
  • Our first session will start promptly at 7:00 pm on Wednesday. The Training will end on Sunday at 12:00 pm.
  • The training begins with an Opening Circle on Wednesday evening at 7 pm. In the Salle Arupé. We will be in that room from Thursday till Sunday noon – 9 am to 5 pm Lunch on Sunday is included for those who wish.


45 minutes drive west of Ottawa, along Ottawa River.

Distance from Ottawa airport: 76 km, or 1 hour drive for more detailed directions

Galilee Centre, 398 John St N., Arnprior, ON K7S 2P6


Jennifer Boire is a published poet and author, who has been facilitating workshops and retreats for women since 1999. She began incorporating the visually creative process of SoulCollage(R) in 2010 and trained as a facilitator in 2012. See her home page for more information.


Facilitator Training Fee - $895 CDN

PLUS 4 nights Lodging and 11 meals, Galilee Centre - Single room $430 CDN -Double Room (per person) $356

Full payment with lodging & meals – Single: $1,325 CDN

Full payment with lodging & meals – Double $1,251 CDN per person

A deposit of $350 holds your spot with the balance due by August 26, 2020

* Returning Facilitators, please contact me for a discount code for $250 off the cost of tuition. You must be a member of the SoulCollage(R) Facilitators Circle to qualify



A full refund minus $150 administration fee is available six weeks prior to the training. Cancellations made after this date, are not eligible for a refund, unless a participant is found to take your place. No refund will be made if you leave the event before the end. N.B. If the training is cancelled due to circumstances outside our control, a full refund will be provided, unless you choose to attend a future training with Jennifer instead.


Jennifer Boire reserves the right to alter or cancel this training or the participation of anyone, at any time, for any reason, in which case registration fees already paid will be reimbursed. Jennifer accepts no additional liability for travel costs, hotel costs or any additional costs incurred.

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**NB: Working with children. SoulCollage® Facilitators may use expressive arts (SoulCollage® and MeCards4Kids™, for example) only with their own children, unless they are licensed clinicians trained to work with children or teachers working within a school system.



Payment by installment: Please email me if you would like to arrange a payment plan.