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“If it is in a woman's nature to nurture then she must nourish herself.”

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea


Testimonials from past participants of Heroine’s Quest Her Journey:
“It’s fun to have a class to look forward to, and be able to participate from the comfort of our own homes work for me!” S. Fouad.
“Getting feedback almost immediately [on Facebook page] is very encouraging and feeds a part that needs to know this is not a solitary journey even though it is very personal. Because this was a closed group, it felt safe to express things that I would not necessarily have said elsewhere. The materials, the guidance, and input really opened a door, and showed me the way to pursue this journey!” L. Rondeau.

Her Journey: the Heroine’s Quest

What is the spiral journey?

At midlife you may find there is a new quest going on, a search for fulfillment, meaning and purpose. The quest involves crossing the threshold into the unknown, a reclaiming of personal power through a descent to the Inner Feminine, and a return with new knowledge. Come explore the themes and archetypes ruling your story using SoulCollage, visualization, myth and storytelling with Jennifer Boire, poet and author  of The Tao of Turning Fifty.

Mid-life Journey as Heroine’s Quest:

 We are the contemporary heroines seeking to answer the age old questions : Who am I? Where am I going? Where is my tribe? What is my purpose? The mid-life quest is a journey to reclaim the Feminine values of intuition, rest and receiving inner knowing. It is a time of reinvention, reflecting on what has gone before and making conscious choices for the future.


Midlife women are often in a quandary: how to make a new life out of the old, or leave the old one behind, either physically, or metaphorically. It is not always comfortable to be in this transition phase. Perhaps you are reinventing yourself, going back to school, starting a new business, caring for elderly parents, ending a life at home caring for family (empty nest), or moving back into your private space in search of rest, and re-emerging as a leader or elder. Some women experience a sense of shifting identities or feel old passions and dreams being reawakened. It is a fertile time, and a challenging one. You are not alone!


The midlife quest usually hits somewhere between the ages of 40-65, although it depends on your individual life situation. Menopause is often a trigger for many women and peri-menopause can last for 7-10 years! Then there’s the aging factor: 11,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day according to statistics from Dr. Christiane Northrup (2015), and that is another “road mark” on our cultural map of the life journey. Perhaps you wonder, as Mary Oliver asks, What will you do with your one wild and precious life? Meaning and purpose become paramount in the second half of life.

Her Journey On-Line Class: This class will help you reframe your personal story as an adventure or Quest, using the oldest written heroine story in mythology: The Descent of Inanna. The main tasks of the midlife journey will be revealed to you (naming, claiming and restorying your story are some of them). You will be introduced to SoulCollage(R), an intuitive, creative tool to help you process the stages of the journey and construct your story. At the end of the class, you will have new insights and appreciate the mid-life quest as a sacred task. You will gain a wider perspective on the shifts and changes that are happening in your life at this mid-point in the journey. To sign up 8 week online class $99.

Using SoulCollage(R),a very simple, yet creative and intuitive cut and paste method, we will create cards for, and dialogue with, parts of self and archetypes, to discover who our challengers and allies are, and discover the deeper layers of our life story and stages.


What is included in the 6 week on-line Her Journey Class:

  • Secret Facebook page to post images and garner feedback, share your spiral journey with like-minded women
  • Recorded visualizations to help deepen your journey
  • Journal prompts and SoulCollage® card making exercises
  • Inspiring poems (Mary Oliver, David Whyte, John O’Donohue)
  • PDF file with stories or myths, material to help you discover what the Quest means to you Jennifer is available for one-on-one video meetings.
"In terms of the Heroine's Journey, a woman who has over identified with the masculine culture has sacrificed something of great value to herself-her feeling and creative functions- which she must then journey inward to reclaim." Maureen Murdock, The Heroine’s Journey

“Being on the Heroine's Journey has offered me some closure to mid-life. The closure is freeing me to step into this next phase of my life. It offers me the understanding that there will always be descents but ascending from those is also part of the process. Having it "named" in this way offered reassurance that I wasn't crazy (too bad I didn't have that reassurance at that time!). Thank you for providing the guidance to explore this aspect of my life. ” R. Cohen.
“I could not have asked for a more supportive instructor. If I had a question, Jennifer was always there with an answer in a timely fashion. I loved the conference calls; they were easy to use and easy to hear everyone. The secret Facebook page felt safe and very encouraging.” B. Vatne.


Are you a woman who has reached a point in her life where the next step is not clear? Are you feeling the need to reinvent yourself or transform a part of your life? Transition times, like at mid-life, the end of a career or an empty nest can throw us into a bit of a tailspin. I remember feeling that way in my late 40’s – my father had just died, I was hitting menopause just as my two teens were hitting puberty. I didn’t want to write poetry anymore. I was losing the sense of who I was.

I had been meditating and doing yoga for over 20 years. I had a Masters in Creative Writing and had published two books of poems and a book on The Tao of Turning Fifty  , lead classes on women’s wisdom and trained as a celebrant of rituals. But the additional tool that helped me access my inner wisdom was SoulCollage(R), for which I trained as a facilitator in 2012.

I love going on retreats, as well as leading them, and one of my favorite things is finding creative, empowering ways to play. What the beautiful process of SoulCollage(R) has taught me is that our deep psyche speaks to us through metaphor, and loves to play with visual images. Using intuition, imagination and images, we explore the kaleidoscope of Self. Some parts we know very well, while others are waiting to be discovered. 

Come spend some time discovering your inner wisdom. Check out the Events section to find out where and when I am offering a weekend retreat or a one-day workshop.

My retreats offer deep, creative journaling exercises, playful fun with SoulCollage(R), visualizations and relaxation in a supportive environment of like-minded women. We discover what we love, what our truths are, and celebrate finding our true voice.

Let me help you tap into your inner wisdom.


“I found it valuable to realize that what gave me pleasure was not out of my reach. I simply needed to place more of my energy there. Things don't seem so overwhelming now. I just have to learn to give myself a break.” - S.B.
“Thank you for the nurturing sanctuary of your SoulCollage workshops.  Your warmth, caring, and intuitive questions encourage exploration, reflection and deep sharing.  …You intuitively sense the needs of each individual and steward the process in a way that elevates the experience for all of us” -I.R
“Jennifer, thank you for guiding me on the journey of finding me. In valuing my Voice, I have started to learn who I am. My adventure awaits me and you are a part of it. With appreciation and love” -Sheila
“I found it valuable to realize that what gave me pleasure was not out of my reach.  I simply needed to place more of my energy there. Things don't seem so overwhelming now.  I just have to learn to give myself a break” -S.B
“Thanks, Jen for creating the space for us to hear our heart's longing. Suzy.” -Suzy