The Tao of Turning Fifty
What Every Woman in Her Forties Needs to Know

On the path of a woman's life, it's easier to see where you've been than where you are going. It is not a straight path or a highway from point A to point B. It is more of a spiral or labyrinth, an unfolding. On the journey through mid-life, it is not always clear what lies ahead. There are thick forests and clear spaces and twisty windy paths through deep woods.

This book points to some of the most burning questions, and helps you find your own answers through journal prompts, as well as exercises to calm and center. The key thing is to listen deeply to what your body and heart are telling you. Most of the answers appear to get unlocked through some form of right-brain self-expressive activity. Journaling leads us back to a simple place where we learn to be with what is, with who we are in the moment. Maybe all we ever need to know is this: I am enough.

I hope you find the way through your mid-life journey is made lighter, less scary, and less lonely, by reading this book.


Book launch February 2012

“A pragmatic guide doubling as a workbook that examines how to find inner balance during a woman’s tumultuous midlife change. Boire masterfully encourages introspection and engagement in her book, which brings Eastern philosophy and Western lifestyles together to deliver what every woman in her forties needs to know.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Where to start? I was loaned your book recently. I have since bought my own copy! I was struggling a bit with turning 50. I was also going through a major life change - I had recently quit my successful career due to an overwhelming desire to find a better balance in my life... Anyway, your book saved me! Since reading it, I have been journalling, taking time for myself, exploring some of the things I think would provide better balance in my life. I am not there yet, but definitely working on it!”- G.B

I enjoyed reading your book, "The Tao of Turning Fifty." Seems I can't read enough books on this subject being that I am currently 52 1/2.  I so appreciate books like yours that focus on the embracing and positive side of things being in middle-age.”- B. Techel

Poet and author of The Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Women in Her Forties Needs to Know, Jennifer Boire, MA English has been leading Creative Journaling classes and retreats for women in the West Island for almost twenty years.

She has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2012. She blogs on mid-life and women’s topics at Jennifer Boire – Inner Wisdom Guide