Jennifer Boire

Jennifer Boire, MA,

Jennifer has been leading retreats and creative journaling classes for women for almost twenty years. She can help you connect to your inner wisdom in a creative, supportive environment. She will share her journaling tips, inspiring poems, self-care and centering exercises, books and resources for women, and provide you the heart-space you need to meet yourself in.

SoulCollage(R) helps you gather all the pieces of the puzzle, and love yourself just as you are - the unique being you are is waiting to be seen and witnessed, out from under all the roles we play every day. Underneath the achievements and the disappointments is a person who just wants to be seen and heard, in all her aspects – the divine, the foolish, the mastery and the mistakes, the cool dude and the oddball weirdo, the sweet innocent one and the badass, the unlovable parts and the adorable ones all clamouring for your attention.

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Collage is such a friendly medium, no art skills are required:

– your intuition will guide you to the right images that speak to your soul

– it is easy peasy and accessible for anyone of any age, even school kids.

Come meet your Inner Child and your Inner Wise Elder, and let them dialogue and play together. Your life will be richer as a result.

SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Click here for information!

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SoulCollage® Facilitator TrainingClick here for information!