Are you a Creative Soulful Woman ?

Jennifer Boire

Jennifer Boire, MA,

published author and poet, has facilitated workshops for women and lead retreats since 1999.

She has published three books of poems, and in 2012 published The Tao of Turning Fifty, a guide for surviving the turbulence of mid-life. Recently she has studied with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés, best-selling author of Women Who Run with the Wolves, and Cat Caracelo, transformational artist and depth coach, where she rediscovered her inner child-artist.

For years under the name of Musemother, she inspired women going through menopause to see this transition as a sacred journey, and to take care of themselves through journaling and centering exercises. Now she is applying her love of creative process and sacred self-care to help uncover the Creative Soulful Woman in each of us.

Jennifer lives near Montreal, Quebec and can be contacted here.

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